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Rethink success

Celebrate your efforts—no matter the outcome—

and be a little better version of yourself each day

Support others on their own unique journeys

and help make the world a kinder place


ChasinGreatness is about—well—the chase! The joy of the journey that often gets lost in our dogged pursuit of perfection. Like a pup who’s caught in a tailspin, we can find ourselves spiraling with unfulfillment. ChasinGreatness is a challenge to embrace the process, celebrate the moments, and find happiness in our everyday achievements—no matter what their size.

ChasinGreatness is uplifting, inspiring, authentic, supportive, uniting—and personal.

What greatness means to one is likely different for another. It might be a personal best time—or a first time. Or maybe a giving of time. Greatness is your best qualities, shining through. ChasinGreatness is a challenge to honor your values and live purposefully. To recognize and support each others’ journeys, have our journeys recognized and supported, and help make our world a little nicer along the way.

My husband, shoveling our whole block.




Baking to welcome our new neighbors to our hood.


Moving my body each day for a month!


Beginning my new “career” of caring for my mom.


Ignoring the housework for more time with my baby.


Goal in sight: hardwork pays off.


Ready to teach: Volunteering my computer skills to teens.


Stop chasin’ your tail and start Chasin' GreatnessSM

Use #ChasinGreatness to share your journey and join the movement!

Let people know you are 'ChasinGreatness' with your very own gear. Take a pic in your gear and share it with #ChasinGreatness on Instagram at @areuchasin.